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Internet (Online) agent vs High Street estate agent Wednesday 14th August 2019

Internet (Online) agent vs High Street estate agent

In the age of the internet, you may well think your local estate agent is a dying breed and an internet or online agent is the way forward when selling, letting or buying a new property. After all, an internet agent will be cheaper, but before making that important decision we urge you to think again and we hope to highlight why a good high street agent is worth their weight in gold – or should we say more importantly worth their fee!

Firstly did you know? In order to appear on any major property portal such as Rightmove or Zoopla, you have to have an agent and cannot simply do this by your own endeavor. Internet agents are basically an advertising outlet. Their basic package advertises your property online.  Some do offer extra services, however, if you were to include these bolt-ons (such as viewings and sale chasing), you would then be paying a comparative price to that of a local agent. Be aware anyone can advertise a property, but a good agent will be constantly monitoring to make sure maximum attention is gained from buyers.

So why is a good local estate agent a better choice?

1 Communication: Firstly we LOVE to talk and with a local agent like Whites, we are readily available to give FREE face-to-face or on the phone expert advice on all manner of property issues. You can’t do this with an online agent.

2 Local knowledge: Internet agents tend to cover a much larger area so do not have the same local knowledge. They also tend to be reliant on the internet as a research platform to compare properties and, from this, to come up with a value.

Local agents have a far greater depth of knowledge of the properties in a particular area and know what is selling and what is not. They are therefore able to give a far more accurate value.  Plus, they have the added advantage of being able to property match from their database of potential buyers.

3 Achieving the best price: If you choose to use an internet agent, you will tend to be the one that negotiates the price. With local agents like Whites you will have a dedicated and experienced agent that is well versed at liaising between all parties and they are not only likely to seal the deal much faster, but also to secure you a better price.

According to the Independent Advice for House Sellers, their study shows using the right high street an estate agent can:

  • Increase viewing numbers by 48%
  • Increase offer numbers by 64%
  • Generate a more secure buyer (or buyer willing to pay a better price) 73% of the time
  • Secure a 5% higher sale price (compared to using a Rightmove listing service).

In conclusion, without the involvement of a local/high street estate agent, 73% of the homes sold would either not have sold, taken longer to sell or needed a price reduction.

For more information on Whites services and why we think using a good high street agent is the best choice to make please give our friendly team a call on 01722 336 422

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