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Let Whites Estate Agents make selling your house a little less SCARY…. Wednesday 30th October 2019

Let Whites Estate Agents make selling your house a little less SCARY….

We wanted to be the first to tell you about our exciting new partnership with Houso!

Whites realise that the property market is changing. Like me – you may not be ready, or wanting to put your house on the market, BUT Rightmove figures show like me, many of us are still searching for the dream property, but are not willing to put our own house on the market until that dream turns up! “In my case this dream is for a cottage with a paddock and perhaps even a stream running through it – what would your dream home be like? “

And then if it does pop up, it becomes a race against time – 1. Finding an estate agent that you trust, 2. Putting together house details and 3. Marketing your property and finally praying that it sells FAST– whilst in the wings hoping that your dream property doesn’t sell first, because if it does you would rather not move! “I know that’s how I feel!”

Houses have been sold the same way for hundreds of years. First you sell yours and then you HOPE and WAIT for your dream home to coincidentally come up at the same time! Whites, in partnership with Houso, are offering a brand-new approach. Houso is a new app and the only online portal that allows you to buy and sell homes that aren’t currently on the market or available to view via the mainstream housing apps. With Houso you can browse ‘secret’ homes not yet for sale and if you’re thinking of selling and curious about potential interest in your home, this gives you the power to get the ball rolling. Think how easy it will be to find your dream home, when you already have a number of buyers waiting in the side lines for yours!

What to do next:

Simply contact Tony or Matthew at Whites and they will arrange a time to come and give you a FREE valuation. With your consent we will take details of your house. From this we can then upload your details to the ‘off market app’ and get started. You may not be ready to move now, or indeed for a couple years; but why not be ready to beat the chain for when your dream house appears.  And bonus - if you sign up to the Houso App, Whites will offer you a free valuation, 10% off standard fees and you'll be entered into a draw to win John Lewis vouchers. 👍 What you waiting for?

For more information on Houso and to take control of your own moving journey talk to Whites on 01722 336 422.

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