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Tony from Whites says “it’s a great time to SELL your home!” Friday 18th June 2021

Tony from Whites says “it’s a great time to SELL your home!”

It has never been busier at Whites Estate Agents offices in Salisbury.  For every property that comes on board, if positioned in a good area and at fair price, phonelines tend to ring CONSTANTLY!!! 

With SO MANY buyers out there, the majority of which are in a proceedable situation, the phase ‘you have to be in it to win it’ has never been truer.  With phones lines ringing hot, for those who have not sold their house, they currently stand no chance against the cash buyer.  Cash is king!!! So, if you are looking to move, you must be proceedable, so get yours on the market quickly! 


What about house prices? 

The huge interest has driven up asking prices with many houses reaching in excess of their asking prices, some even achieving 20% higher.  Will this fall, who knows!?! But despite Brexit and more recently lockdown, prices have instead steadily risen, and we have as yet seen no decline. You could say it’s a betting game – where no one knows the odds ahead and if you gamble on a decline occurring, you could be waiting indefinitely.


What if I sell and can’t find a house?

Renting is always an option; a year’s rent is often not hugely expensive in the grand scheme of things, when buying a house.  Renting makes you a great buyer and buys you time to find the right home.  You don’t rush into a costly mistake and it often gives time to explore areas to find out where you really want to be. 

What about Stamp Duty?

The full stamp duty holiday will end at the end of June but will then there is a lesser allowance until the end of September in order to smooth the transition back to the original rates. The buyers saving, will not be as great, but it does still offer a small carrot, for sellers to attract buyers. 


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