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Whites Guide to Getting Your House Ready for Sale in the New Year Wednesday 14th December 2022

Whites Guide to Getting Your House Ready for Sale in the New Year

Do you have grand plans to sell your home in 2023, but are thinking you will wait to the New Year to talk to an agent? We urge you to think again, and get your home ready to launch now!

As we move into the key festive period, or as we think….the start of the 2023 home-buying season, searches on Rightmove go sky high.  Last year saw 51 million additional visits occur during this time, so it’s a hugely valuable time to be seen if you want to maximise your house being seen by potential buyers.

To be seen during this Boxing Day BOOM – we encourage you to:

1. Talk to an agent and get your photographs ready NOW

2.Get your home ready now, but start viewings when you’re ready

Talk to an agent, get a valuation done, write up a listing, even get your property put LIVE, you can still start viewings in the New Year should you wish! Just keep them looking over Christmas!

3. Become a POWER -PURCHASER – securing interest in your house and even a potential offer, will put you in a GREAT position should the house of your dreams come available!

4. Or simply join our CONFIDENTiAL LIST – this is a GREAT way to not appear online, but for Tony and his team to have you ready in the wings and to match you with our current database of potential buyers.

To speak to us simply call 01722 336 422 or alternatively visit our website to book a FREE market appraisal. 

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